Kojo Terry Oppong firmly believes in the diversity of blackness actively shaping its future.

In 2018, Terry realized that within so many different identities lives the phrase “I Can”, and this positive affirmation counters the negative stereotypes that are often projected onto Black ethnic groups.

He created AFAM to not only usher in a refreshing perspective of blackness, but to also redefine the AfriCan narrative as one inclusive of its true diversity.

Born in Ghana, Terry ended up moving to the US at the age of 9. And he would spend the next 20 years in the United States grappling with his own understanding of self. AfriCan in America, a naturalized AmeriCan citizen, not born AfriCan-AmeriCan, yet still connected to the diaspora.

His unique perspective made him very aware of the divisions that existed within the Black community, spanning generations. But today is a new day, and this generation is much more comfortable with identifying as one holistic family that descends from the AfriCan continent.

He intends to use his voice, network, and resourcefulness to paint a portrait of Africa that projects resilience, strength, and unity.