About Us


AFAM, short for AfriCan Family, is an apparel line that seeks to inspire and celebrate blackness by affirming, “I Can.” It is a phrase that echoes in AfriCan, and the Continent’s diasporic identities, such as AfriCan-AmeriCan, JamaiCan and Pan-AfriCan.

AFAM products are an unapologetic affirmation of who you are through your identity. The connection that exists between these identities are made clear through expression.

We represent a view of Africa and her descendants as one holistic family, and create electric reminders that the possibilities are endless.


At AFAM, we aim to establish a global community that fosters a strong sense of self, and nurtures a positive relationship between +FAMILY, and its cultural identity.

Over time, we aim to improve the condition of our global +FAMILY by investing into and supporting the following issues:

Criminal Justice

Mental Health + Wellness

Financial Literacy

Racial Justice

Education + Identity (History)